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Crunch! Pow! Zap!: The Best Martial Artists In Comics

Martial arts have always been part of culture, both popular and otherwise. We love watching martial arts movies, playing fighting games, and practicing martial arts for self-defense and staying healthy. It’s no surprise that among the super heroes that are seeing a massive surge in popularity lately, a lot of those heroes are martial artists. Here are the best:

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff is an ex-Russain spy currently part of the Avengers. While she has no super-powers, she’s well versed in a mix of martial arts, learned during her spy days. So far, they’ve shown her to be proficient in combat sambo, jujitsu, aikido, and karate. This lethal mix of martial arts knowledge, along with her spy skills makes her an invaluable member to the Avengers, even if she has no super powers.

Iron Fist


Danny Rand, the current holder of the title of “the Immortal Iron Fist” is the latest in a long line of martial artists to hold the title of Iron Fist, defender of Kun-Lun. Unlike most martial artists on this list, however, Iron Fist is shown to have powers, able to channel his energy into his fists, allowing him to punch through almost anyting.

Cassandra Caine

DC Database – Fandom

Cassandra Caine, the second Batgirl, was trained from birth to be a killer. While she has no powers per se, she does have a sort of photographic memory that allows her to instantly memorize any movement she sees as well as sense what physical movement her opponent is going to make as he makes it. This makes her one of the most dangerous martial artists in the DC Universe.


Bruce Wayne is the peak of human physical condition without powers, advanced technology, or enhancers. Part of his long, grueling path to becoming the Batman was training under several martial arts masters. As a result, Batman is one of the most versatile martial artists in the DC Universe, well versed in several martial arts, including some alien ones as well.

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