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That’s Gonna Leave A Mark: Most Common Wrestling Injuries

When you make a living getting punched, slammed, kicked, tackled, and generally brutalized, all while wearing usually nothing more than spandex, you’re bound to get injured. Often it’s just a sprain or some bruising, but wrestlers often suffer from more serious injuries. Here are the most common injury types pro wrestlers suffer from:


It’s bad enough getting punched in the face. Getting punched in the face repeatedly is even worse. Concussions from botching moves and landing on your head or taking miscalculated shots that hit much harder than they were supposed to? Probably the worse kind of concussion you can end up with. Some wrestlers have even been forced to retire do to the severity of the concussions suffered.

Knee Injuries

Lots of wrestlers like to use “high-flying” moves. These moves often involve jumping off high places, onto other wrestlers and trying to land as safely as possible. Unfortunately, “safely as possible” isn’t very safe at all. This has resulted with wrestlers landing wrong and dislocating or injuring their knees. One particularly memorable moment was when a wrestler landed so badly, his knee snapped.

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

One of the most dangerous injuries pro wrestlers suffer from, these are often the result of a botched move. In the past few years, several wrestlers including Tyson Kidd and the very popular Nikki Bella had been forced to retire due to neck injuries that were near fatal. In fact, the damage is so severe, that even after surgery and rehabilitation, they can’t wrestle without again without facing the threat of paralysis or even death.

ACL Injuries

Torn ACLs are relatively common in most athletes and pro wrestlers are no exception. What’s so frustrating about torn ACLs is that it will put you out of action for a while and you can incur the injury even when not engaging in one of the more dangerous stunts. A few weeks ago, one wrestler tore his ACL just getting thrown out of the ring as part of the promo.

Have you suffered any of these injuries while practicing martial arts? What tips do you have for a speedy recovery?